Becoming healthier, keeping fit and active or even shedding a few excess pounds are some of the most common resolutions,but what about New Year”s resolutions for businesses?

Improving the way that your business is seen and heard can help it to stand out from competitors, engage with new customers as well as helping to build and maintain relationships with existing clients.

Here are just a few ways that PR can help your business succeed.

Five New Year”s PR resolutions for 2013:


1. Review your communications strategy

Look back over your PR and marketing activity over the past year. Assess what has worked, what could be improved and what could be used to improve the way that businesses see and hear about you? A communications audit can highlight gaps, reveal new opportunities, and once completed look at ways of implementing the research over the next twelve months. If you don”t have time to do this yourself, remember that we offer this service completely free of charge.

2. Embrace new opportunities

From news websites to blogs, social media to the printed press, there are quite literally thousands of ways to help your business be seen and heard. Post on social media regularly, produce content that”s likely to interest and even inspire your readers. Give thought to the ways in which you communicate. For example, how does your company use its twitter feed (if it has one!), how often do you write a blog post, or submit a press release to relevant media publications? Embrace the opportunities available to you, and use them regularly.

3. Celebrate success

New business wins, the creation of new products and services, new members of staff joining your team can all offer excellent scope for your business to be seen and heard.

4. Be engaging

Remember, Public Relations is all about reputation. Use media opportunities to engage with your readers. Inform, educate and even entertain, but avoid the hard sell at all costs.

5. Keep one step ahead

Spend time reading and researching your industry, and use this to develop your own company viewpoint. Social Media can help to identify potential subject areas, similarly, industry publications and even setting up news alerts can also help to identify potential trends and topics which can be developed from a PR perspective and of course maximising these.

On behalf of all at Cannon PR we hope that you have a terrific 2013!