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Public Relations services for the food & drink sector

Become the brand on everyone’s lips

Food and drink companies have shaped the lives of their consumers for many years. Whether you are creating the latest lifestyle trend, a cupboard staple or a luxury item, you want to be the first name in your customers mind.

Think about how even today people say they are hoovering rather than vacuuming their lounge. The brand ‘Hoover’ became synonymous with that type of cleaning. They are the brand that everyone knows. So how would it feel to have your food and/or drink brand being that universally recognised?

Cannon PR has the skills and ability to create highly effective campaigns that will create a buzz around your products. We have contacts within the media that ensure you can get in on the latest campaigns, influencers that can help promote your products and social media experts to improve your presence.

Our award winning service ensures that you receive the optimal coverage for your food and drink company.

PR support for the food & drink sector

We strategically increase your visibility and raise the profile of your business, from launching new products to market to helping breath life into tried and trusted brands.

By effectively communicating with influencers, from restaurant critics to nutrition experts, we can take your brand to the next level. Keeping up to date with the latest food and drink trends assures that you keep ahead of the curve.  We help you to implement these trends in your campaigns to ensure you always stay relevant.

Building brand awareness

PR helps to increase a brand’s visibility and create an awareness within the media and with their audiences. Learning to leverage special promotional offers, limited offers or changes of products/staff can create positive attention and connections with those media sources.

We can help you to connect with the right sources that will help you to build your reputation while maintaining lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial.

When you share stories that are of note and interesting about your business, you are creating a connection with your customers. This encourages brand loyalty and credibility for your company.

The personal touch

Cannon PR take the time to get to know your company and create an understanding of what you specifically need. We don’t try to fit a standard model onto everyone. Everything we do is done to ensure you achieve the outcome that you want.

We have a multi-level service approach and always look at the bigger picture. Our experienced team have extensive knowledge in the industry and we have an impressive database of contacts to call upon.

This is an ever changing digital world we live in today. Being able to adapt and pivot our approach is what keeps our clients brands ahead of the competition. We are continually assessing our own strategies as well as yours.

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