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Great campaigns begin with a great idea

Getting your strategy right from the very beginning

Planning is a vital element of every campaign. It helps to identify the main objectives of a particular piece of work and crucially, ensures that the time and money invested in PR goes directly to help you to achieve your desired results.

At Cannon PR, we build communications strategies with your aims at their heart – whether that’s to increase visibility, boost sales or reach out to new markets – we will discuss possible options and develop a tailor made approach designed specifically to suit your individual needs.

We will help you to build and develop themes during a campaign and work to a clear plan of action, enabling you to understand exactly what is happening at any given moment during the campaign.

This process helps all aspects of the impact of the campaign to be measured, allowing the campaign to be regularly monitored and assessed – both in terms of how it is meeting the original strategic objectives and not just in terms of the column inches generated!

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